Flying Stingers & BUFFs in S.E.A.
Sequel to Shadows of Saigon

by Larry Elton Fletcher

Based on a collection of true stories, The Shadow Spirit blends fact and little fiction to tell the adventures of Air Force pilot, Captain Paul Knight who flies Special Operations AC-119 Stinger gunships and Strategic Air Command B-52 bombers in Southeast Asia during the Vietnam War. Knight confronts death in combat situations, flying Stinger gunships over the Ho Chi Minh Trail and flying B-52 bombers over Hanoi.


Praises for The Shadow Spirit:

Once finished reading The Shadow Spirit, I didn't want it to be over. Fletcher's writing skill is a "cut above".
– Charles Lunsford, Author of Departure Message - Trafford

Sequel to Shadows of Saigon, this book will have you riveted to your favourite reading spot from beginning to end.
– The London Morning Paper - James Beam van Etten, Editor